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PABF Simultaneous Pairs

Clubs wishing to participate in the 2006/2007 Simultaneous Pairs should contact their own NBO (the email addresses are given below). Alternatively you can email Anna Gudge, or Mr Tadashi Yoshida

Regulations will be the same as those for the World Wide Bridge Contest, and scoring will be done in the same way using the ECatsBridge system.

Clubs wishing to download the scoring software may do so by clicking here

The list of countries and contacts:

Country Email Address Person in Charge
China sunchengmo82@yahoo.com.cn Lilian Sun
Hong Kong ymhui@epd.gov.hk or roh@tsss.edu.hk Simon Hui or Ronald Hui
Macau antoniopr00@yahoo.com Antonio Rosario
Chinese Taipei ibc@ctcba.org.tw HL Huang
Indonesia rosedg@indo.net.id Michael B. Hartono
Japan omasa@jcbl.or.jp Akito Omasa
Korea pihahn@hotmail.com or hshahn@eigensystems.co.kr Hong-sup Hahn
Malaysia law_david@hotmail.com David Law
New Zealand fran@nzcba.co.nz Fran Jenkins
Philippines altan@info.com.ph Allen Tan
Singapore scba@1800-mail.com Lilio
Thailand ann7749@gmail.com Ann