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How to obtain and install the ECats Scoring Program

Version 10 is now available. Please note this is only works on XP and Windows 2000 and does NOT work on VISTA ... If you have Vista, then please look at the other scoring programs available. We do not recommend one over another, but you should be aware that ScoreBridge is extremely popular, as is Jeff Smith's program (which is free)

To obtain the ECats program you can download and install it

Click here to download and install Ver 10

Click here to download the manual

When you have downloaded the file, double click on it and it will extract the install files into a directory on your c: drive called ecats - so if click on "my computer" and select c:\ecats you will see a number of files.

The one you want is called SETUP which is a bit confusing as there are several files with that name! If you have file extensions switched on, you will see that one is called SETUP.EXE and that is the one you need. However, if you can't see which has the .EXE then to find the one you need, you can either:

a) go to tools/preferences (across the top of the window), click on the tab called “view” scroll down a bit and Uncheck the tick that is in the box saying “Hide extensions for known file types”. Click OK and now in your window you should see that one of those setup files is now called setup.exe. Double click that and it will install the program for you. Alternatively (and possibly more simply)

b) using your mouse, without clicking, just hover over the top of the file name – the bit that says setup. A box will appear describing what the file does. The one you want, and need to double click on will say “Description: Setup Launcher (SETUP.EXE). It will also have a small picture of a computer to the left of the word SETUP.

Once you have installed it you can just run it, and if you read the manual, it tells you how to proceed.