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Welcome to ECatsBridge

 Onward to the next event - our Charity Pairs in association with the WBF, raising money for UNICEF

The next event will be run over five days starting on Monday 25 January 2021. So events will be played on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27, Thursday 28 and Friday 29. Once again we have commentaries for each day to add to the enjoyment and these will be posted on the site when the frequencies go live - this is the day after the event as we are sometimes joined by clubs in the US. Just email Anna to enter ! More details about how it will be run are here ...

Donations so far:

Thern there is the Charity Challenge ...

In a moment of madness we have decided to run this over five days ! it will start on Monday 15 March and run until Friday 19 March with different hands each day. The Charities (two this year) that we will be supporting are Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. So please plese join us if you can ... details are here

logo Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs Online

Together we can ...And thanks to all of you bridge players out there - Together We Did

Our Children in Need event happened. We said - Together we can ...And thanks to all of you - Together We Did ! We raised a total of £59,045.70 which means that over the years you have helped raise a magnificent amount - £1,166,381.60 ... unbelievable and we want to thank you all so so much for your support and generosity. You are amazing ! We are still accepting donations though, so if you haven't already donated or would like to give a little more, please click here and you can find out how !

Our Privacy Policy

Players in the Simultaneous Pairs should be aware of the following clause from our Privacy Policy:

"When you enter a Simultaneous Pairs as a competitor, your name and the club in which you play together with the country in which it is located (but not its specific address) will be displayed on our website as part of the results for the event. Your entry to the event signifies consent to this as part of the competition. The data thus given will be retained as archive information on the website."

Our Address

The address for ECatsBridge is
Mill Cottage, Voy

KW16 3HX
Great Britain

Our telephone number stays the same - 01787 881920 or you can email Anna (always best!). Read more in the About Us section !

General News from ECatsBridge ...

Have a look at our Archive Bulletins and Programmes - you can search for any player or just browse through.