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This list provides links to the events in the recent past. Most of them are finalised (running ones will still be on the main Sims Page) and the results will have been sent to the clubs (or to the organiser for onward transmission). We generally leave the master point lists and booklets with the results pages for about 6 months, but if you want older ones, just email me and I will send them to you - if you can give me the date and session number that's the infomattion I need.

Older events are contained as ranking lists in our (rather large!) Archive Database - try a search for your own name, or look up a friend's record over the years - we think you will find it interesting!

NIBU Interclub Duplicate Pairs
Starting date: 23 November 2022
Finished date: 28 November 2022
Results Pages

SBU Thea Teale Bronze Pairs
Starting date: 12 November 2022
Finished date: 16 November 2022
Results Pages

2022 Simultané Suisse
Starting date: 26 October 2022
Finished date: 03 November 2022
Results Pages

SBU Lord Thomson Trophy
Starting date: 20 October 2022
Finished date: 25 October 2022
Results Pages

U3A 40th Anniversary Pairs
Starting date: 23 September 2022
Finished date: 12 October 2022
Results Pages

ECatsBridge Summer Charity Pairs
Starting date: 08 July 2022
Finished date: 25 July 2022
Results Pages

Aid 4 Ukraine Pairs
Starting date: 15 April 2022
Finished date: 16 June 2022
Results Pages

Bobby Allan Easter Pairs
Starting date: 07 April 2022
Finished date: 13 April 2022
Results Pages

Charity Challenge Pairs
Starting date: 18 March 2022
Finished date: 30 March 2022
Results Pages

CBAI Pairs
Starting date: 11 February 2022
Finished date: 03 March 2022
Results Pages

ECatsBridge/WBF Charity Pairs 2017
Starting date: 28 January 2022
Finished date: 15 March 2022
Results Pages

Results from previous events can be found in our Archive database