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Children in Need 2021

The ECatsBridge for Children in Need Pairs -well it's a guessing game about the 2021 dates really - best guess is Friday 5th then Monday 9th - Thursday 11th November. And even if the BBC holds their big night later, I will probably leave it on those days.

Whether it will be "virtual" through BBO as it was this year or whether clubs will be able to meet and play as they always used to is another guessing game. It would be lovely to think that we could be back to playing round a table but who knows and certainly it's better safe than sorry. Whatever it is, we hope to be ready for it and able to cope - it can be "mix and match" so we can go with either or a mixture of both scenarios.

Clubs can play online through BBO and really won't be difficult for clubs who operate online to join in. Clubs using BCL should contact 3-Counties Bridge who will advise how this can be done, and now you can also use Realbridge - dlcik here to have a look at their website, as it's a new system.

Special Information for this event

A bit about us :

Anna Gudge & Mark Newton, The ECatsBridge Team

tel: 01787 881920; or Email Anna

So please ... please join us again (or come and join us if you haven't done so in the past). We love running and and hope you enjoy playing in it!

We are pleased to announce that again this year we are an official partner of the BBC Children in Need because of all the money raised in the past! Thanks to all the bridge players for their support!

It is a charity very close to Anna & Mark's hearts and we love the fact that it is obviously special for many of you as well. The ECats Cats love it as well !

Do join us - please ! We would love to have your company. It is easy to run a heat and we would love to beat last year's total. Click the links below to find out how to enter and what is involved - or if you can't play, you can still donate to this great charity.

Missing the instructions? They are on the web only now to save costs click here

Entering is easy !

Organising a heat is easy !

Sending in donations is easy ! - please read this though, as it is different from other Sims

More information can be found by clicking the links on the right - details of any prizes, and the master point awards, and, of course, the link to the results pages (very important, that !)

The final total sent to Children in Need from the 2019 event was £75,258.46 ! Please accept our thanks for your wonderful support and your generosity of spirit. To think when we started this we were hoping that we might (with luck) raise about £5,000 ... unreal! Just how high does it get ! That is a grand total to date of £ 1,031,381.30 !! WOW. Isn't that just amazing.

So now - dare I say it - it's onward and upward to hit the next magic spot of one and a quarter million ! With your help I am sure we will manage it though it may take a year or three

So do join us ... please ... and help us raise lots and lots of lovely money for Children in Need as we have done in the past years:

£36,712.98 in 2002
£41,497.23 in 2003
£45,668.89 in 2004
£50,957.12 in 2005
£53,567.35 in 2006
£55,349.29 in 2007
£56,226.72 in 2008
£58,889.37 in 2009
£65,307.40 in 2010
£69,138.39 in 2011
£66,874.56 in 2012
£69,717.44 in 2013
£70,104.66 in 2014
£71,347.32 in 2015
£70,590.77 in 2016
£74,173.35 in 2017
£75,258.46 in 2018
£75,954.30 in 2019 and then ...

£59,045.70 in 2019 (COVID year)

Which means, my friends that you have raised an incredible total of ... wait for it ...

£ 1,166,381.60
UNBELIEVABLE ! The generosity of bridge players knows no bounds - thank you. Thank you all.