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General Conditions of Contest


EcatsBridge will provide 36 hands for each match by email. Please click here to check your contact address. The commentary will be by Mark Horton

and advise any changes to Anna Gudge - click here to email - by the end of August.

Minimum number of tables and boards

The minimum number of table at any heat is four (4), and minimum number of competition boards to be played by each competitor is 20. Please adopt a movement which enables every competitor to play at least 20 boards excluding sit-out rounds.

Registration of participants

As APBF SP is a series game of 6 matches accumulating the results of all matches a player has participated, it is essential to distinguish a player from other players. If a participant registers different names every time, then this player's results will not be accumulated. Therefore when uploading the results, it is most important that you register exactly the same name (spelling and everything!) every time. If your association has membership number, then it is recommended to register membership numbers along with names. APBF and Ecats will not be responsible for the cumulative score of any players who have registered under different spellings.

Reporting (uploading) the results

The results must be uploaded to the ECatsBridge site preferably by 6:00 PM of the following Monday (this will give you at least 24 hours for uploading). The results and correction will be accepted up until 18th of each Month (GMT). After this dates, the results and ranking are established and no change will be accepted. ECatsBridge will advise you of the web address when emailing the hands, together with other instructions.

Scoring and uploading program

If you don't have a program for scoring and uploading the results, click here to download one free of charge.


Ranking of each match and cumulative ranking will be posted on ECatsBridge and APBF website.


The prizes will be awarded to the winners as follows:

a) Overall winners (cumulative of best 4 scores)

1st US $2,000.00
2nd US $1,000.00
3rd US $500.00

To be eligible for the overall prizes a player must have played a minimum of four sessions

b) Monthly Winner (top 5 pairs. Only one pair from each NBO is eligible for monthly prizes)

1st US $100.00
2nd US $ 80.00
3rd US $ 60.00
4th US $ 40.00
5th US $ 20.00

Payment of Sanction Fees

Each NCBO shall remit the sanction fee of US$2.00 (10 RMB for China ) per player per match to Anthony Ching, APBF Hon. Treasurer. He will send you the invoice in April at the conclusion of the series.