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2015/2016 APBF Simultaneous Pairs

PABF logoWelcome to the pages for the 2015/2016 APBF Simultaneous Pairs

Clubs worldwide are invited to participate in this fun and challenging Simultaneous Pairs.

Each month, from November to April, a set of hands will be provided and they may be played on either the first or the second weekend of the month to allow maximum flexibility and encourage more clubs to take part on a date convenient to them. So the dates for the 2015/2016 season will be as follows:

November : 6th / 7th or 13th / 14th
December : 4th / 5th or 11th / 12th
January : 1st / 2nd or 8th / 9th
February : 5th / 6th or 12th / 13th
March : 4th / 5th or 11th - 12th
April : 1st / 2nd or 8th / 9th

Mark Horton will be writing the commentaries once again and this will appear as a PDF file on the results pages when the frequencies go live after the event, and the PBN file will also be provided so the hands can be played using a computer program (for example Bridge Master) if you have one that is suitable.

Click here to contact your NBO and enter

Click here for the Conditions of Entry and details of the prizes etc.