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The World Wide Bridge Contest

WBF logoWelcome to the pages about the World Wide Bridge Contest - the biggest Simultaneous Pairs that we run!

The list of winners of the 2018 Contest can be downloaded here

The dates for 2019 are still provisional, but we will confirm them as soon as we can. As yet we don't know what will be offered in the say of prizes but please reserve the provisional dates and we will be in touch as soon as we can with more details.

Do join us for this event, which is enormously good fun and gives you the chance to compete against other pairs from all over the world - a rare opportunity indeed. Because it is scored using the ECatsBridge system, you get masses of information showing you exactly how you fared on the night. You can watch as clubs upload from all around the world, and get the "buzz" of excitement as the scores change. Clubs can enter one or more heats and players can play at different clubs on different days (obviously not twice on the same day!). Players must not pass on details of the hands to anyone or any club playing later in the day and must not play twice at different clubs.

Clubs will be able to pay in US Dollars, Euro or British Pounds, making payment simple. Cheques in British Pounds are also fine. Click Here to email Anna for more information.

Please click here to find out how your club can enter and click here to see why running a heat is so easy!

Click here for last years' results so you can see how they are displayed and the wealth of information generated for them.