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The World Wide Bridge Contest

WBF logoWelcome to the pages about the World Wide Bridge Contest - the biggest Simultaneous Pairs that we run!

We are now able to publish the list of winning pairs who will be invited to attend the Final of the event to be held in Beijing. Originally it was anticipated that 20 pairs would qualify for the Final, but Our Game has decided to invite 24 pairs, so the additional 4 pairs will be the highest scoring third placed pairs. Invitations to the winners, together with more information, will be sent to them as soon as possible. It would be helpful if winners or their clubs could send in their email addresses to Anna so that she can contact them easily. Click here to see the winners' list.

We would like to congratulate the winning pairs - we are sure they will have a wonderful experience at the Final in Beijing!

The prize for the winning pairs is qualification to a Final to be held in Beijing, China from 21st – 24th September (play being on 22nd, 23rd & 24th) with a subsidy for travel expenses, free B&B accommodation and a great prize fund!  

The 2017 World Wide Bridge Contest was played on eight different days
with simultaneous pairs being held on:
Tuesday 28 March & Thursday 30 March
Tuesday 25th April & Thursday 27th April
Monday 8th May & Wednesday 10th May
Friday 2nd June & Saturday 3rd June

From these events, 20 pairs will qualify to attend the Final (together with other 20 pairs coming from on-line tournaments) which will be held from 21st - 24th September, using BBO software

Each qualified player, coming from Europe, Africa, America and Oceania will receive a subsidy of US$1,200, while qualified players coming from Asia will receive a subsidy of US$800.

In addition bed and breakfast accommodation (the Hotel has to be confirmed) will be provided free of charge for four nights  (from 21st to 24th September) based on two players sharing a double room.  Additional accommodation or single rooms will be charged at the hotel rate.

The final will have a prize fund of US$ 20,000

WBF Year Points will be awarded to the winning pairs from each heat.
WBF Master Points will be awarded for the Final.

The 20 winning pairs will be selected as follows:

1.    the winning pair and second placed pair from each of the eight simultaneous pairs events (16 pairs), then
2.    The winners from each Continent not having won or been placed second in an individual session PROVIDED they have scored over 55% then
3.    The highest scoring pairs in 3rd place in any session to complete the required number of pairs in the final provided they are not already eligible as a result of being a winner of one of the six tournaments or a "continental" winner.

The entry fee remains unchanged at just US$2, £1.50 GBP or €1.80 per player per event. Payment instructions will be sent with the information to the participating clubs.

The commentary will be provided via email - the cost of printing and distributing the booklets would mean that we would have to raise the price considerably and that would make the event much more expensive for the participants. So instead we will be providing the commentary as a downloadable PDF file after the event.

Do join us for this event, which is enormously good fun and gives you the chance to compete against other pairs from all over the world - a rare opportunity indeed. Because it is scored using the ECatsBridge system, you get masses of information showing you exactly how you fared on the night. You can watch as clubs upload from all around the world, and get the "buzz" of excitement as the scores change.

Clubs will be able to pay in US Dollars, Euro or British Pounds, making payment simple. Cheques in British Pounds are also fine. Click Here to email Anna for more information.

Please click here to find out how your club can enter and click here to see why running a heat is so easy!

Click here for last years' results so you can see how they are displayed and the wealth of information generated for them.

The Continents recognised by the WBF are the 5 Continents of the Olympic Rings : Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania