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Running a heat is SO easy!

All you need to do is to email us to let us know you want to run a heat - we need to know your club name, which country you are in and which of the dates you want to play ... or maybe you would like to play in all the events. Then we will send you a zip file with all the information you need - it will include travellers you can print out, a pdf copy of the commentary, the files that can be used with a dealing machine in various formats, and the instructions which will include details of how payment is to be made. PLEASE send your payment in immediately after each event.

When you get the zip file please check the README file; then if there is anything you don't understand you can email me. The special regulations for this event are also here on the website, and the full instructions are here, so you can read them immediately if you are worried.

You can obtain a dealing file for use with a dealing machine if you have such a thing, otherwise you will need to use the travellers for making up the boards. This can be done by the players at the table if you want - click here to find out how this should be done.

As for scoring it - well read our web page about scoring. You MUST do this yourself for this one, there isn't time for us to do it for you I am afraid, but it is very easy and you have the ability to test beforehand by using session # 9999 and check that you know how to do it.

And finally, paying for it - payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer in either dollars or euros, or by credit card or paypal in British Pounds. British clubs can pay by cheque in pounds as well. So we make that bit easy as well !

Do join us - it is great fun and we would love to have your company!