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Tony Haworth 's program

  • The program is a pairs scorer (match point pairs, butler scoring, cross-imp scoring, aggregate scoring), catering for up to 28 tables and 25 rounds within any one section. Multi-section (5), and multi-session (4), scoring is accommodated. Any movement can be handled, and can include arrow-switches, rovers, sit-outs, pre-duplicated rounds, etc.
  • All the standard outputs can be produced - ranking list, pair-board matrix, travellers, individual result slips, frequency tables, and also master-point slips can be printed (fully accepted by the EBU).
  • Movement cards and assinment slips can be printed.
  • The system incorporates an Abbreviated Names File facility for rapid input of regular players.
  • There is a link to the ECatsBridge program, whereby scores can be input to the program, and then automatically re-formatted for upload (via Email or Ftp) to the central scorer.
  • To obtain a copy of the program, please email: Tony Haworth or telephone 01656 784425