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The Bill Hughes Sim Pairs

General Information

The Bill Hughes Simultaneous Pairs is run on the last Tuesday in June, though overseas clubs can hold it any day that week, and special arrangements are made for clubs that cannot hold it on Tuesdays.

At least 50% of the entry fees is returned as prizes and trophies. EBU Master Points [interchangeable with WBU/SBU/NIBU/CBAI/ABF ones] are awarded.

Booklets are given to competitors with comments by Frances Hinden and Jeffrey Allerton on the hands. All heat winners receive two small prizes and a trophy to keep. Prizes are also given for leading pairs. All EBU clubs are invited from England, all clubs from Wales and Australia, most clubs from Scotland and many from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. All clubs are welcome wherever in the world they are - we have had entries from the Netherlands, Iceland, China, the USA, France, Spain, New Zealand and parts of Africa - and we have a large contingent of Australian clubs.

Scoring is done on the internet on the ECats site. Duplimate files of the hands are available if requested.

It started as a small Simultaneous pairs between three Merseyside clubs.
It has grown a lot, but it tries to be the cheapest international
Simultaneous Pairs that gives out booklets of the hands, despite giving out 50% of the entry as prizes and trophies. Any profit goes to the Merseyside Bridge Club & School, but there is very little.

Plase Contact David Stevenson to enter this event

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