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The WBF Pairs in support of Youth Bridge

As you will be aware, the World Bridge Federation is committed to the development of Youth Bridge – the future of our wonderful game.

To this end, the President has asked us to organise four new Simultaneous Pairs each year – in October, December, March and August to raise funds which will raise funds specifically to help Youth Bridge – please click here to read more about how the WBF wants to support Youth Bridge.

Each one will be run on a Monday and a Wednesday (day time or evening), with different hands for each day of course. WBF Year Points will be awarded to the leading pairs and we have requested NBOs to award their own master points as well - clubs should contact their own NBO to confirm this.

The events will be held in October, December and August each year, and the dates can be found on the Simultaneous Pairs Calendar

The material will all be sent by email to the heat organisers, and the booklets and hands will be available on the website at www.ecatsbridge.com as normal immediately after the event.

Because we are doing it this way we are able to keep the entry fees low – just US$ 3.00, € 2.50, or £ 1.90 per pair (note ... per PAIR)  – full payment instructions will be sent with the zip file of hands etc.

To enter, all clubs need to do is to email Anna and tell her which day they wish to play and confirm the name of the club, the country and the name and email address of the person to receive the zip file. The file will be sent out about a week before the event.

We hope as many clubs will support this venture - Junior Bridge is so very important to the future of our womderful game and we need to be able to support it and provide extra facilities for young players wishing to learn to play.