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The SBU Simultaneous Pairs for the Lord Thomson Trophy

In 1968 it was decided to run a Simultaneous Pairs, inviting all clubs in the Scottish Bridge Union to paticipate.

It was first run in 1969 and the Trophy was donated by 'The Scotsman' which was at that time part of the Thomson Brothers organisation.
There was already a 'Scotsman' Trophy for the National Pairs, so this Trophy was named the Lord Thomson Trophy.

It used to be run over two days in October, but in 2018 it was decided that it should be run over a week, with heats possible on each night so as to enable more clubs to participate; four sets of hands are provided, one set for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the fourth for the Thursday & Friday session combined. This means that Thursday heat players may not play in the Friday heat. When local results are published on a club's website, Thursday's results MUST NOT include the deal file or the travellers.

How you can enter

Please click here to email Anna if you wish to participate, giving your name, your club name and (if you think you are not already on our database) your full contact details. Do join us for these fun events if you can!

If you want more information about the Scottish Bridge Union, have a look at their Website