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What will the organiser pack cost and what does it cover?

There is an initial charge for the organiser pack which we hope will be covered by the club. This is to cover the printing, packaging and postage of the packs, the EBU licence and the cost of printing & posting the Master Points. The organiser pack includes the booklets of hands and the travellers. If your club cannot afford the cost of the pack, or doesn't feel they should be asked to cover it, then of course you can pay for it out of the money raised on the night (please let us know when you send the cheque in that the cost of the pack is to be taken from it).

These are the costs for the packs for 2014 ...
Cost for a 5-table pack containing 20 booklets and travellers for 32 boards £15.50
Cost for a 10-table pack containing 40 booklets and travellers for 32 boards £21
Cost for a 15-table pack containing 60 booklets and travellers for 32 boards £26
Cost for a 20-table pack containing 80 booklets and travellers for 32 boards £30
Cost for a 25-table pack containing 100 booklets and travellers for 32 boards £35

Paying for the Organiser Pack

We ask you to pay for the pack as soon as you receive it, making the cheque payable to A&J Enterprises. This is so that we can pay the printer and other necessary costs as soon as possible! The cheque should be sent to

Anna Gudge
The Old Railway Station
Long Melford
Sudbury, Suffolk C010 9HN

Entry Fees and Donations

All the entry fees and donations should also be sent to Anna, but please make the cheque for these payable to ECatsBridge Charity Account so that we can keep it separate and do one BIG cheque for at the end!