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The 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge

An Open Invitation to to players, tournament directors, and NBOs (and as it may be, other members of bridge discussion groups), to send any thoughts they may have as to desirable changes in the Laws. Read more ...


The 2007 Laws of Duplicate Bridge

At its meeting held in Shanghai on 12th October 2007, the WBF Executive Council adopted the 2007 Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge. Click here for more information and to obtain copies of the relevant documents

Code of Practice

In Lausanne 1999 the WBF developed a Code of Practice for Appeals Committees, which was subsequently revised in December 2001.

In addition, a number of Example Appeals were added to assist Tournament Directors and Appeals Committees alike, together with a set of Guidelines for Appeals Committees.

These documents are provided here in Acrobat (PDF) format, so that they may easily be printed and, we suggest, kept in a ring binder for ease of reference. They are formatted so as to allow them to be photocopied or printed double-sided.

As new Examples or Guidelines become available, they will be put on the site, and details will be given here to ensure that you are aware that they have been added. It will be a simple matter to print these and add them to the file.

Email List

We run an email list for Tournament Directors and Appeals Committee Members so that I can easily keep you informed of anything to do with Laws, Appeals etc. If you wish to have your email address added to this list, please email me and I will ensure that you are included.