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2007 Laws of Duplicate Bridge


October 2011

A footnote to Law 25A is added:

"A player is allowed to replace an unintended call if the conditions described in Law 25A are met, no matter how he may become aware of his error"

March 2008

The revised Law 27 is posted. It is included in the Complete Laws Documents, as are the following changes to the Index:

Index references to Law 27 have been made to reflect the renumbering and new structure

There is inconsistency between Redouble, Inadmissible and Double corrected as follows:
Inadmissible: Add 27B3,
Redouble: change 19B3 to 19B
Double: Add 19A

In Review, Call not clearly heard - Replace "heard" with "recognized"

Add the term "Playing Area" to the Index. 76 (incl. footnote)

February 2008

The following amendments are made to the index:

  1. "Authorized Information" Arising from law or regulation: 16A1(d) should be 16A1(c)
  2. "Counting cards" 7B1 should be 7B2
  3. "Double" Inadmissible: 27E should be 27D2
  4. "Irregularity" Retention of rights: 9B1C should be 9B1(c)
  5. "Partnership understanding" djusted score: 406(b) should be 40B6(b)-B missing
  6. "Rectification" after forfeiture of the right to: 11C should be 11B - not 11C
  7. "Revoke" After round has ended: 64B4 should be 64B5
  8. "Session" Date and time: 80B2(d) should be 80B2(c)

The amendments have also been made to the complete documents (both the word and pdf versions)

January 2008

The WBF Laws Drafting Subcommittee is considering a problem drawn to its attention concerning Law 27C.

It is possible this Law will be rewritten. Alternatively guidance in the form of a footnote or an interpretation may be issued.

Please hold back any publication of this Law until a solution has been agreed and issued.

22 November 2007:

Foreword by Mr José Damiani, President of the World Bridge Federation is added to the site - NBOs wishing to print the Laws are particularly advised to note the contents of this document.

31 October 2007:

The following typographical errors are corrected:

In the index:
Procedural penalty:
             Assessed independently: 90A2
  There is no 90A2, only 90A
 Change 90A2 in the Index to 90A.

In Law 20G, clause 2 to read:

Except as the Regulating Authority allows a player may not
consult his own system card and notes during the auction and play  periods, but see Law 40B2(b)."

19 October 2007:

The following typographical errors are corrected:

Law 40B2(c)(i) - "auction period" has been changed to

Law 79B2 - "C or D below, as applicable," changed to
"C below or Law 87, as applicable,"

These changes have been made in the individual files (parallel versions) as well as in both versions of the complete Laws.

The 2007 Laws of Duplicate Bridge were adopted by the Executive Council of the World Bridge Federation at its meeting on 12th October 2007, and are now available for NBOs to obtain and translate or typeset as required. There is a document in Word format and a copy of the complete document in PDF format

In addition to the standard presentation of these Laws there is a second parallel version for translators showing where the changes are. Since NBOs were given a sight of the drafts as they were in November 2006 numbers of further changes have been made and these are indicated (red and underlined for new text, blue and struck through for deleted text).

The Introduction and Definitions form part of the Laws.

Zonal Organizations are authorized to introduce and give effect to the 2007 Code of Laws on dates of their choosing in the period 1st January 2008 to 30th September 2008 inclusive. Please note that it is not appropriate to delegate the choice of date below NBO level.