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Wrong Data ?

So you are checking your scores on line and find that one of them is wrong!

Or perhaps your name is wrong ?

In the case of a Simultaneous Pairs, you need to contact your club in the first instance - we cannot change scores unless we are authorised to do so by your club scorer or Tournament Director. The club will check the traveller and generally can rectify any errors and re-upload the scores; alternatively they can contact us and we can do it.

If your name is wrong, please follow the same procedure as it is easier for the club to correct than for us to do it here. However, if you can't get it done locally, then email us and will we sort it out for you as soon as we can.

Occasionally it happens that the error is in a set that has been scored here, because your club has sent in their travellers for us to key in. You can usually tell if that is the case as your scores will not have appeared for about a week to 10 days after the event. You should still attempt to contact your club and check, but please send us an email as well, telling us which club, the board number and the pair numbers involved (NS & EW); what the score is shown as on the site and what you feel it should be. Then if we have the travellers here we can check for you and make any necessary adjustments.

If the event is something like the National Newcomers or the Portland, then you need to contact the EBU directly and request their help. It is probably sensible to send an email to us as well, so we are aware of the situation.