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How to I get to the Results?

To find your own results

Click on the link to the correct session. You will see a Status page displayed, which will show you the leading 10 pairs and give you some additional information about the number of players, number of clubs uploaded etc. You can also use the "find a player" facility here to look for your friend's result!

At the top of the page you will see various links

The link to Clubs will take you to the list of clubs that have uploaded - click on the club that you played and and you will find your local result. Clicking on your own name will give you your personal score card, with a board-by-board analysis. Clicking on the individual scores will take you to the frequency for that board - this will open in a new window for you.

The link to Rankings will take you to the overall ranking and also give you the option of looking at Zonal, National and club rankings.

The link to Frequencies will take you to the overall frequencies - the local club frequencies can be found on the Club result pages. Clicking on the frequency listed for any board will list the players who achieved that particular contract. Wherever possible, the commentary, the dlm file and a pbn file for playing will be available for download from the frequency pages.

What will be shown on Internet?

Your local club rankings and the overall rankings will go up first - very soon after the first clubs upload their results.

Then later on (after all the heats have finished play) you will be able to see your personal score card, the local club frequencies and the overall frequencies and (if available) you will be able to download the commentary, the dlm and the pbn files. If you click on the frequency lists before we have released them for display you will be given the date and time when they will go "live"