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What are the files with the strange names?

After an event, you will notice that we put up various files on the website - the commentary in pdf format is one. By the way, do keep up with the latest versions of Acrobat Reader so that you can easily read these ... go to the Adobe site to download and install it. It is free which is always good news! Once I have sorted out the Master Points (which may take a day or two) I put up a final ranking list with the points for you to peruse - that's also in pdf format.

The other files are:

the dlm file, which is the dealing file used by the dealing machines, and the reason for including that is so that programs like ScoreBridge can pick it up and display the hands on its own website - it isn't really anything you need to download or use.

the pbn file. This (I think) stands for Portable Bridge Notation which is a format that other bridge programs can read. I freely confess I don't know much about it, but I do know that a number of programs for playing bridge can read it and I understand that you can replay the hands using one of these. But there is a website with more information so if you click here you can find out more about it.