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Answers to FAQ for organisers

Help ! I have lost the paperwork - what do you need and where do I send it ?

<giggle> This is a query we get frequently ! Well - you can email me and I will send you a pdf with the instructions for the relevant event, which is probably easiest. Alternatively ...

Look at the list below which will tell you who the cheque should be payable to for each event, and how much it should be. It should then be sent, with a note saying which event it is for, and for which date to me, Anna Gudge at:

Mill Cottage, Voy
Stromness, Orkney KW16 3HX

Don't forget to include the travellers and a list of the pair names and their pair numbers if you want us to score the event for you!

Event Amount per player Cheque Payable to:
WBU events £2.50 ( all information sent by email)
£3.00 ( Printed Booklets )
SBU events £3.00 SBU
Charity Challenge £3.00 (printed booklets)
£2.50 (all by email)
ECatsBridge Charity Account
Kidney Research £3.00 (printed booklets)
£2.50 (all by email)
ECatsBridge Charity Account
Children In Need Organiser Pack A & J Enterprises
Children in Need As collected ECatsBridge Charity Account
World Wide Bridge Contest Payment may be made by various methods and in different currencies. Please email for the Payment Instructions document A & J Enterprises Client Account if paying in GBP