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When are my points registered with the EBU?

I send the final file to the EBU within a day or two of the events being finalised - obviously this is only for English clubs. Points are still sent as cards to clubs outside England.

PROVIDED your club has followed instructions and has a) obtained the latest version of the software that writes the EBU numbers into the file and b) has included your EBU number if you are, for example, a visitor to a different club, then:

ECatsBridge sessions appear on the 'My Sessions' list, on your personal page of the Members Area on the EBU Website, shortly after the results have been finalised. You can tell when they have been finalised as they will appear on that bit of the Sims page.

The EBU then processes these, and all your club results, early in the month after submission (note, not necessarily in the month after the event).  Only then will the points appear on your permanent Master Point record.

In the meantime, players can see a full list of sessions in which they have played ('My Sessions'), and as soon as we have uploaded the P2P file, the session will appear on this list.