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I can't put the pair names in

You are using the wrong version of the scoring program - you probably have Windows XP which means you need ver 10. Click here to download and install it.

Names appear twice on the site but only once on my printout

This is a strange one! Start off by emailing us and we can change it. Then before you use the ECatsBridge scoring program again be sure and run the Admin program - the first time you should use the option to clear all user data, then run it again and choose the repair database option. That should fix it for the future!

I have put all the results in and closed the program, but when I open it all the buttons are greyed out again

Don't worry. Just click on the Club details button, then the players button and they will all light up again. You have not lost all your data, don't panic!

The percentages are all over 100% !

Close down the program, open it again, click Score and display and it will be fine

I can't find a Mitchell movement for a small number of tables

Keep scrolling through ... they are there, but because of the way databases look at numbers, they are in a strange order

Error 13 Type Mismatch when entering Averages

Enter the average in correct format (A4040 or whatever is required) then use the mouse to click into the main part of the traveller. DO NOT press enter to accept it.

Error 95 - Invalid use of Null

This means that you have tried to enter an average on every score for a pair (perhaps the sitout). Please delete these scores. You cannot have 40% of nothing. Sitout pairs must be left out of the scoring completely.