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How do you calculate the Master Point Awards ?

The EBU issues the following formula which is used to calculate the master points for all the simultaneous pairs run by ECatsBridge

You take the number of tables, divide that by 25, take the square root of that figure and then multiply it by 100. It is then rounded up to the nearest 10. The local points are awarded to the top 1/3 of the field, with the points being reduced equally across the number of pairs involved. e.g. if the "top" is 1000 points, and the total participation is 3,000 pairs, then the top 1000 pairs will receive points, with the first pair getting 1000, 2nd will get 999, third 998 and so forth - except (there is always an exception in bridge isn't there ?) the computer does it for me because the lowest award is normally 25 or 30 points (that is for the pair in 1000th place), so the calculation will allow for that. And fractions re always rounded UP rather than down. Thank goodness for computers or I would have a permanent headache trying to work it all out !