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Misboards, Averages and Penalties

Misboards: If a board is found to be fouled on the first round, then the Director should ask the players to put it right and award a 60/60 average. If a board is subsequently fouled, the players at the next table should be awarded a 60/60 average and again, put the board right. If a board is fouled throughout the evening, then it should not be scored at all.

Please make every effort to ensure that boards are not fouled during the evening. There is no provision for penalties against offending players within the overall scoring program, although for a persistant offender a manual penalty could be introduced when the event is finalised.

Averages: for the ECats Scoring program, an average is entered in the right-hand-column of the board in the "Enter Scores" section, using the formula A4040 or A5050 etc. If you are using your own scoring program (having tested that it interfaces with the ECats System) then you should enter Averages in whatever way you normally do, but make sure that this has been tested to give the correct result when uploaded.

NEVER try and enter a sitout pair by giving them averages throughout - you cannot have an average if you don't have a score in the first place - 50% of nothing is nothing.

Penalties: there is no provision for adding a penalty. Directors are advised to find some other way of penalising players if they feel it necessary.