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How many Master Points will I get and how/when are they issued ?

The number of Master Points issued for events that we run, is variable, depending on the number of competitors, but they always go to the top 1/3 of the field, so if you fall into that category, you will be winning points!

For events run by ECatsBridge, we now send the points to the Home Unions for them to register in their systems. We are permitted to award local points for licenced events and it will be made clear if an event does not carry points.

For example, we are permitted to award overall local points to EBU non-affiliated clubs ONLY for the Children in Need event. For other licenced events (the Charity Challenge, Kidney Research etc) we may run two sections - one for EBU (and all othr Home Union) affiliated clubs and a second for non-affilited EBU clubs whcih does not award points. Note that the regulation concerning non-affiliated clubs only applies to the EBU, clubs from the other Unions are welcome and can enter the "affiliated" section and receive overall master points.

The World Charity event held at the end of January does not award master points at all - it is just played for fun and to raise money for charity, though of course the clubs can award their own local points as normal.

If we are scoring the event on behalf of another organisation, then we send them all the information they need in order to be able to send out the points and results sheets themselves.

Remember that the World Wide Contest also receives World Year Points!