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Input Errors

I have found an incorrect result, or have got a player's name wrong, what should I do

This is a very simple solution ... please just make the necessary change and re-upload your results to the server. As long as you don't make any changes to the club details the incorrect results will simply be overwritten.

My results appear twice - what should I do ?

Please email us and let us know - tell us which are the correct ones. The reason this has happened is because you have changed either the club name or the telephone number. Let us know which is the right one and we will remove the wrong one for you

The results displayed for my club are the wrong ones, what should I do ?

Again - please email us and we will remove the wrong set for you

I have got the wrong club name on my results - what should I do?

Please make the change and re-upload, but then you MUST EMAIL US IMMEDIATELY and tell us exactly which one to delete because by doing this your results will appear twice!

I uploaded with the wrong session number.What should I do ?

Change the session number and re-upload the results and (very important) email us to tell us to delete the results that appear on the wrong day