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Simultaneous Pairs

What do I have to do to organise a Sim Pairs ?

Well of course in this time of COVID and clubs being closed, it is all different and actually even more simple !

All you need to do is to email Anna and tell her:


Which Day you want to play (there are different hands each day so you can play as many of the five heats as you want)
The name of your club
Your contact details Your (name, address, and email address and the email address for anyone different who would need to receive the deal files if you have a dealing machine

It helps if you can give us the postcode of your venue so we can "pin you to the map" when we put up the list of competing clubs for people to get in touch with you if they want to play at your club.

You will need to know how to send in donations for the charity events (it is different from the other sims)

The information below really relates to the time when we can all get around a bridge table once again - here's hoping for an effective vaccine in due time !

It is actually very simple - it is very like a normal club night with a few enhancements! We aim to make it as easy as we can for you, and provided you follow a few simple rules as you go along there really is nothing to worry about.

So where do you start - you start by deciding which event you want to run.

So - you have "named the day". Now you need to email us and let us know that you want to run it .. if it is an event run by a different organisation we will pass the email on to the relevant person.

The information we need is quite simple:

Just email us and tell us:

The Clubname

The country you are in

The nameand address of the heat organiser   or TD - if there are printed booklets we will send them to this address

 A contact email address for the club (makes our life much easier if we have that !) and confirmation that this is to be used to send the files to if everything is coming by email.

The postcode of the actual venue (or somewhere nearby), so that we can pinpoint you on our map (sorry this is a UK only feature).

The event(s) and date(s) you want to play

The number of tables you expect to have - so that we can send you enough booklets (only if there are printed booklets of course).

It's as easy as that. Now you need to get going and advertise the event to your members, and perhaps let other clubs in the area know you are running it if you want to include visitors on the night.

If booklets are provided, then about 2 / 3 weeks before the event you will receive an organiser pack containing everything you need. Please open it immediately - all the hands are sealed so you can safely do so, then you can read the instructions and check you have everything in hand. The pack will contain sufficient booklets based on the number of tables you have told us, a set of travellers with the hands printed on for making up the boards, and the aforementioned instructions. You can request the dealing files for a machine by email if you have a dealing machine for the club.

Alternatively the event may be "email only" in which case we will send you a zip file with all the information - a README file, the "booklet" of hands, travellers you can print and all the files for a dealing machine if you have one.

Please note that the general regulations follow the EBU regulations, and we request that you have a minimum of 3 tables in play, and that each player plays at least 18 boards.

The major rule (my own personal one, nothing official) is ... whatever happens, DON'T PANIC! We are always here to help and in nearly 18 years of running anything up to 25 Simultaneous Pairs a year - that's about 650 of them ! - I have only once had a heat that we really couldn't score.

Do email Anna if you have any further queries! She is here to help.