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How does the scoring work ?

The participating clubs have a scoring program that is compatible with the scoring system - this may be one they have purchased or they may have upgraded their own program to work with the ECats Scoring System. This is used to score the local heat. The results are then uploaded, either directly by the program or by email to results@simpairs.com, to the ECats server and scored dynamically across the field. The results, including your local club result (remember, the score and percentage at your local club will be different from the overall score you get), are displayed here on the site.

The ECats server polls the directory where the files have been uploaded every ten seconds. When it finds a new set of scores, it imports them and checks to see if there are some more files to import. If there aren't, it re-calculates all the scores over the whole field, and displays the resulting ranking lists and frequencies on the site. The re-calculation takes about 30 seconds, and then the server goes back and looks for more uploads. This means that the scores will change continually as long as new results are being sent in. Of course, your local club score remains the same - those are the scores you got locally, so they can't possibly change, it is only the overall scores that will alter, sometimes quite dramatically. This document explains why this happens.

Our servers are now housed at Canary Wharf

Checking the frequencies

The ECats scoring program is very simple. It is not intended to be an all-singing-all-dancing scoring program which can do everything. The simplicity of the program allows for ease of use, and we really don't want to complicate things too much. Our aim is to get your results scored as quickly as possible.

Please note that the result will be Single Winner - there will NOT be separate results for North/South and East/West, so clubs may wish to arrow switch the last two rounds to give a single winner result.

We hope to have the results from these events finalised very quickly and the results out to the clubs. For this we are depending on you, the club organisers, to get the results uploaded quickly and to check your email regularly after the event, in case we have any queries on your scores, so that you can answer us quickly!