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What files are needed by the Scoring Engine ?

If organisers are using the ECatsBridge Scoring program this will automatically produce and upload the correct files. If a different program is being used, organisers must check that it has a way of generating the required files which are named r.txt, p.txt, c.txt and e.txt. These may then be sent by email to results@simpairs.com. Please note that NO OTHER FILE FORMAT can be accepted.

The organisers take no responsibility for clubs failing to check that their scores appear on the website. It is essential that the heat organiser checks after uploading to verify that their scores have been imported and are displayed correctly. If they do not appear within 5 / 10 minutes of uploading, please try and upload the files again. Check that the session number is correct - that is the most common cause of files not appearing. But before you worry unduly try doing a control-refresh in your browser as it may be "stuck" on an old page !

As long as you have put your email address correctly in the file, you should receive an email acknowledgement telling you that your files have been received and imported, or giving you information to let you know why they haven't imported. But if you have put the wrong session number or sent the wrong files you won't get anything of course!