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Can you supply duplimate files for dealing machines?

Yes indeed, these are available for all events organised by ECatsBridge and may also be available for other Simultaneous Pairs scored using the site. These can be supplied either in .dup or .dlm format now, and all you need to do is to ask the heat organiser to email us with the following information:

The club name
The date of the event
The format required (.dup or .dlm)
The email address the file is to be sent to

If we do not have access to the files ourselves, we will pass the email on to the organiser who should be able to help.

Please Note that we do not automatically send the files out - they must be requested each time, preferably by the heat organiser, giving details of who the file is to be sent to. This is because many clubs have a rota of dealers, or who deals for an event may depend on finding someone who isn't playing, and of course this may be a different person each time.