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How many boards are in a set ?

This depends on the event; for the World Wide Bridge Contest and the European Bridge League, there are 36 and for the BGB events there are 32. Other organisations may provide 28 or 30.

If you need to add extra boards, then please just deal them at the table but be aware that they will NOT appear on the website when you send your results up, so your local results may differ.

How many boards must be played by each pair ?

The standard minimum number to qualify for prizes in the overall ranking is 18, though we do prefer 20 and you should not play 18 unless it is unavoidable. If some pairs inadvertently play less this may be permitted, but please email us immediately if this happens - we will try and help, so don't worry ... somehow we will score it for you and let you know where the pairs would have come, even if we can't let them win!

What is the minumum number of tables permitted at a heat?

For the World Wide Bridge Contest and the European Simultaneous Pairs it is 5, for the BGB and other events it is 3 unless otherwise stated in the instructions that go with the pack.

Again, if you have less, please play the heat in any case. We will score it, but if your pairs come in the top 10 places overall, we may need to remove the scores before the event is finalised. However, if this is necessary we will take a "snapshot" of the pages so that they can see where they would have come. Again, if it happens, please email us immediately and let us know - but don't worry, you can still join in!