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The Railway Station

Anna and Mark bought the Railway Station in 1994 and eventually sold it in 2014 to move to Orkney (see our blog about this). It was built in 1864 and trains ran through the Station until the line was closed in 1964. In 1966 it was sold to a bus company, and the rails were taken up and the central area filled in (mainly with rubbish!). In 1990 or thereabouts the bus company was sold, but the original owner retained the property and Platform 1 was converted into a house and Platform 2 was used as dog kennels for breeding greyhounds.

Platform 2 - the ECats officeWhen we bought it, Platform 2 was derelict - it didn't even have slates on the roof - and the inside was just stalls where the dogs had been kept. Our first task was to strip off all the plaster, re-plaster, and rewire the building, and, of course, replace the 4,500 Welsh slates! Platform 2 makes a great home-office, plus accommodation for visitors and a "hobby room" for Mark who loves playing with electronic gizzmos.

Platform 1 on a lovely snowy day in 2003Platform 1 is the house, which is a very convenient 3 bedroom single-storey building, finally done the way we wanted it, with a super kitchen and (most recently finished) a lovely entrance hall that we were very proud of - that was all down to Mark's vision of how it should be and I freely confess I didn't "see" it, but it's gorgeous !!

The garden (about .5 of an acre) is the rather flat bit in between where the rails were, with a swimming pool at one end between the platforms and a pond n, at the other end of the garden.

We sold it to our next-door neighbour and close friend Steve who happily lives there now and welcomes us back to stay when we come South to visit the family ... and he comes North to visit us sometimes too !!