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Installing the WBF Convention Card Editor (the CCE)


IF you are using Windows XP. or any older versions of windows please download and use version 2.18 of the CCE by clicking here

IF you are using Windows VISTA then you need to use version 2.30 of the CCE - click here to download and install it.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU INSTALL THE CORRECT VERSION. If you don't or if you overwrite an older version you may have problems displaying or printing the symbols. If that happens you must UNINSTALL the old version AND delete the directory (usually c:/program files/ASE computing) completely before trying a reinstall - that is what I did and it worked fine.

These are general instructions for installing the programs, whichever version you select:

RIGHT mouse click on the correct link and it will give you a dialogue box asking where you want to save the file. I suggest you put it in "My Documents" or even on your desktop, because the important thing is that you can find it again once you have downloaded it, and the default place for saving these things tends to be a bit obscure. If you are using Vista it will download into Documents/Downloads (asking you and warning you so you have to insist you want it to do it!)

Now click the "OK" button and it will download this file onto your machine. Once that is complete, find the file that you have now got on your local computer wherever you saved it. The Vista version is called CCESetupvista.exe and the XP (and older) version is called CCESetupxp.exe. Double click on it after making sure it is the right one- this will start the install routine, and install the CCE Editor onto your machine - just follow the instructions on screen. Once it has done that and you know it is working, you can actually delete the file CCESetup.exe if you want - you can always download it again if you need to do a reinstall. But make sure it is working first!

Now ... the program should have installed an icon on your desktop (I am 90% sure that it does), but it is certain that there will be a link from your Start button ... So just click the Windows Start button at the bottom left of your screen, slide up to program files, and there will be a list there of the installed programs, and the CCE Editor will be part of it.

Click on that and it will launch the program so that you can start using it.

I do hope this helps, but do email us if you need any more assistance and I will do my best!