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This poker review website offers a complete guide for British players that want to play poker in the UK. It includes information payment options, how to play UK poker and where to play in Pounds.

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Simultaneous Pairs coming up !


Celtic logo Celtic Spring Pairs

The Spring edition of the Celtic Pairs will be held from 28th April - 2nd May (the Thursday and Friday events will be combined). This will raise funds to assist the international Celtic Teams. Again, the EBU does not licence this event so overall points can't be awarded to English clubs. More information ...

The North London Challenge

Raising money for the North London Hospice. This event is licenced by the EBU and both affilaited and non-affiliated clubs are welcome. More information ...

WBF logoThe World Wide Bridge Contest

A great event, with the excellent commentary by Eric Kokish. To be played on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th June. Do join us for this Contest, held in clubs throughout the world. More information ...

WBF logo

Dates announced for future World Bridge Championships

The dates and venues for future World Championships can be found on the WBF Website


General News from ECatsBridge ...

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