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14th World Bridge Games

Lille, France - 9th - 23rd August 2012

Please note:

The final version of the Draws has now been sent to me. Note that there are some changes in the Open Team groups which were unavoidable but I understand that there has been no change to either the Women's or the Seniors Draw. The original Schedule of play that I was sent was, it seems, an old version. The one that is printed in the programme that should be correct is here

The Draws

Systems : they are published here

If there are any other changes I will notify you of course (if you do not currently receive my emails and would like to, please email me and I will add you to the list). For information on how the qualification is determined, please see item 3 of the Supplemental Conditions of Contest.

Systems Registration ... reports are now available showing which pairs have regisrered their systems and which players I do not have email addresses for. Pelase help me by sending me any missing email addresses and (more important) sending me the missing systems. If your team isn't listed then they are probably not registered on the WBF Site and this needs doing urgently. Here are the reports:
Open Teams Report
Women's Teams Report
Senior Teams Report

I am informed that players in the Transnational Mixed Teams will be able to pay the entry fees by credit card - should make it easier !

The Conditons of Contest - General and Supplemental - are now published. Links to all the attendant policies etc are on the right ...

Please read the Anti=doping Information carefully and note the information that is required when applying for a TUE. Please ensure you apply early.

Registration of systems must be made by 30th June.

1st Information letter from the President

The first information letter has now been published, together with information about the Hotels, Travel, Entry Fees, Outline Schedule of events, dates for registration and so forth.

Please download and read it carefully. Links to the various items of information are shown in the Information Menu on the right.

For further information contact
WBF President’s Secretariat

6th March 2012

2nd World Mind Sport Games, incorporating the
14th World Bridge Games
5th World Transnational Mixed Teams
Grand Palais, Lille (France)
9th to 23rd August 2012

We are very pleased to inform you that these dates and the venue are confirmed. We feel that this venue will be extremely well suited to the event and will enable us to stage a truly memorable Championship.

In addition to the 14th World Bridge Games and the 5th World Transnational Mixed Teams, the other Mind Sports will also be present at the Championships, so there will be Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Xianqi

The Opening Ceremony will be held on Thursday 9th August

The 14th World Bridge Games (National Open, Women and Seniors Teams) will start on Friday 10th August at 10.00 am with a round robin, followed by Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semifinals, Final & Play-off, and will end on Thursday 23rd August

The 5th World Transnational Mixed Teams will start on Friday 17th August at 10.00 am with a Swiss (15 rounds) followed by Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semifinals, Final & Play-off, also ending on Thursday 23rd August

The Prize-giving and Closing Ceremony will be held on Thursday 23rd August

Further and detailed information about the complete format, schedule, hotels booking and accommodation, facilities etc. will follow shortly.