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2009 World Bridge Teams Championships

São Paulo, Brazil : 29 August - 12 September 2009

Updated Information - 17 September

Click here to download the changes to the WBF By-Laws

Page of links for results, blogs etc - if you are doing a blog from the Championships, let me know and I will add a link to it.

18 August:
Notice from John Wignall, Chairman WBF Systems Committee:

Players are reminded that :
After a natural opening of one of a suit, an overcall that does not promise at least four cards in a known suit is a Brown Sticker Convention
(There are exceptions for natural overcalls in no trumps, for cue bids showing a strong hand and for jump cue bids inviting three no trumps.)

There are a number of pairs who should check their cards. Please note, too, it is too late now to file Brown Sticker Announcement Forms.

11 August
All the registered Convention Cards can be found by clicking here

22 July
The draws for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d'Orsi Seniors Bowl are now available. China has withdrawn from the d'Orsi Seniors Bowl, so there is an NYK (Not Yet Known) in the draw until we know who will replace them. Click here for the draws.

14 July
I have put up the play schedule.

Players are asked to note that the following are Brown Sticker conventions:

        1. Any opening bid of 2C through 3S that shows an unspecified minor if it does not guarantee a solid suit. 
        2. A Multi 2 Diamond opening bid that shows precisely
a five card major in a hand that always includes a second suit.

10 July
An email has been sent to as many participants in the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup as possible concerning the Anti-Doping regulations. It is extremely important that players in these events are aware of these. Click here to read the email.

30 June
Dick Freeman: I have received the very sad news that Dick Freeman (due to play in the Bermuda Bowl in the USA2 team) died on 29th June. I am sure you will all wish to join me in sending condolences to his family, his bridge partner, Nick Nickell, his team mates and his many friends. If you wish to email me with a message, I will pass it on to Nick on your behalf.

25 June
Updated team lists. Please note: Canadian teams are listed for VC and BB but they will play off against Mexico on 10 - 12 July - I will list the Mexican teams as well as soon as I get the names. I have asked them all to pre-register their systems.

24 June
A small change has been made to the times of play given in Section 13 of the Supplemental Conditions of Contest and a revised version has been posted.

18 June
If you want to be added to my email list to get information about updates etc, please email me - give me your name and country and tell me you want updates about Brazil and I will send them to you.

29 May 2009
General Conditions of Contestand Supplemental Conditions of Contest posted

The 2009 World Bridge Team Championships will comprise the

Bermuda Bowl

Venice Cup

Ernesto d'Orsi Seniors Bowl

World Transnational Open Team Championships

The Opening Ceremony will be held on 29th August at the "Teatro Alfa" which is connected to the hotel. It will be followed by a musical show at the theatre and a cocktail/dinner at the hotel.

The Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & Senior Bowl : The Round Robin for all three Championships will start on Sunday 30th August and finish on Saturday 12th September, with the final knock-out stages starting on Sunday 6th.

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